Newtown Synagogue is the only Jewish Synagogue in the Inner West of Sydney.

It seeks to provide a space for Jewish people come together for a variety of both social and religious events to celebrate Jewish life cycle events and our Jewish heritage.

Mostly, people frequent the Synagogue to meet friends and make new ones in a really relaxed an accepting environment, however, there are many who come to the Synagogue as a place to be reverent.

We host a weekly Friday night dinner in our social hall. The food prepared and cooked by a roster of volunteers and enjoyed by people from all walks of life who come and join us.

Newtown Synagogue’s “classic hits” such as our Chanukah Menorah Lighting, our awesome Purim Party, our memorable Pesach Seder and our heart warming Lag B’Omer Bonfire are well attended and perfect opportunities from Jewish people to discover more about Jewish spirituality, practice and tradition.

The Inner West Jewish community is constantly growing and we’d love to welcome you to our spiritual home.


Rosh Hashana Dinner

Our Rabbi

eliRabbi Eli Cohen is the beloved spiritual leader of our eclectic Jewish Community located in the Inner West of Sydney.  He has a passionate love for people and community and is open, accepting and non-judgemental.

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Please note that applications for new membership are considered by the Board before they are approved. If you wish to apply for membership, please complete the application form below, but do not send money until the administrator has contacted you.

Existing members – renew your membership by clicking this link



Single Adult  $400.00
Two Adults Same address $500.00
Family Two adults & any dependent children $550.00
Single Parent Family One adult & any dependent children $400.00
Pensioner / Student Pension / student card copy must to be attached $150.00
Associate/ Person ConvertingIntended for people undergoing conversion. Non-voting at AGM.
Friend of Newtown SynagogueIntended for people who want to support Newtown Synagogue.
Non-voting at AGM.
Visiting Student Single semester. Non-voting at AGM.
Life Membership  $5000


Note: The fee comprises $1 for membership, the remainder for religious services. All new memberships require approval of The Board of the Newtown Synagogue.

Donations and Payments

We are in the midst of Jewish Renaissance in the Inner West of Sydney.

We have a dedicated group who are committed to a complete revival of Jewish presence and activity.

Be a part of the spirit of revival at the Centre for Jewish Life in the Inner West.

Donations/payments can be made by either of the following methods.

  • EFT – Use your online banking and make a transfer to
    Account Name: Newtown Synagogue INC, BSB: 032036, Account No: 960034
  • Credit Card –***************** Credit card coming soon.*****************

Note: please email newtown@shul.org.au with the transaction details.

Newtown Synagogue is only possible because of your kind generosity and we thank you for your generous donation.