Non-member registration

Registration for the 2020 High Holidays is open for congregants who are not members of Newtown Synagogue. Due to COVID-19 we are limited to 100 people in the Shul for any service, we will have additional security with registration lists, and we need to provide a facility for the NSW Government track and trace, so it is necessary to register for the services you wish to attend.

Members and Friends of Newtown Synagogue can register for any service for free, but non-members will be asked to pay a $100 donation (plus a $5.95 debit/credit card fee) to attend each limited capacity services during the High Holidays.

You can select to register as a Friend of Newtown Synagogue (for $150 plus the handling fee) from the below, or apply to become a member and pay the membership fee, and use the free Members & Friends Registration page.

Please select the services you wish to attend, select how many of you are coming and click ‘Register’ at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to a next page to fill in information on who is attending each service. 

If you have any problems with the registration, or need additional information, please contact