By the Grace of G-d
Newtown Shul is the only synagogue in Sydney’s Inner West.  Newtown Shul’s activities are possible because of your kind generosity and we thank you for it.

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Should you wish to donate to Newtown Shul, you can always do so using the bank account details below. Please make sure to send an email to newtown@shul.org.au with a copy of the transaction confirmation.

Account Name: Newtown Synagogue INC, BSB: 032036, Account No: 960034

Mazal Tov! It’s a Boy!

With Gratitude to Hashem
We are delighted to announce the birth of

Baby Feldman

Bris Milah:
This Shabbos: 12 Sivan – 15 June
@ Central Synagogue: Bon Accord Ave, Bondi Junction
3:30pm Mincha followed by Bris

Shalom Zachar:
The traditional Shalom Zachar will be held this Friday night, 14 June, at:
23 Waverley Crescent, Bondi Junction @ 8:30pm

May we only share simchas!
-Rabbi Eli and Rebbetzin Elka Feldman

P.S. As we are in Bondi this Shabbos, the Services at Newtown Synagogue & Shabbat Dinner will be run by Rabbi & Rebbetzin Chaim Ingram OAM

Parshah in a Nutshell

Parshat Naso

Courtesy of Chabad.org

Completing the headcount of the Children of Israel taken in the Sinai Desert, a total of 8,580 Levite men between the ages of 30 and 50 are counted in a tally of those who will be doing the actual work of transportingthe Tabernacle.

G‑d communicates to Moses the law of the sotah, the wayward wife suspected of unfaithfulness to her husband. Also given is the law of the nazir, who forswears wine, lets his or her hair grow long, and is forbidden to become contaminated through contact with a dead body. Aaron and his descendants, the kohanim, are instructed on how to bless the people of Israel.

The leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel each bring their offerings for the inauguration of the altar. Although their gifts are identical, each is brought on a different day and is individually described by the Torah.

Newtown Shul Weekly Friday Night Dinner

The Shabbat Dinner is the traditional focal point of every Jew’s week. We at Newtown Shul, extend a warm welcome to all people to join us for a traditional Friday Night Dinner.

The Shabbat Dinner is held in the hall beside the Synagogue immediately after the 6:30pm Shabbat service.

The Shabbat Dinner is a joint project of Newtown Synagogue and Young Adult Chabad and operates by virtue of the generosity of donors and volunteers.

All of the food served at the dinner is prepared ‘by the people for the people’ with love.

There is a suggested donation of $20 per person. To make a tax-deductible donation for the Shabbat dinners, please click here.

All of the food served at the dinner is prepared ‘by the people for the people’ with love. 

Cooking at Newtown Shul is fun, friendly and needs you! You don’t need to know how to cook and you don’t need to come every week! Just a willing pair of hands whenever you are available and a smile as great as the ones in this picture!

Torah Studies Class

Rabbi Eli Feldman gives a weekly Torah Studies class Live on Facebook every Thursday night at 8:30pm.

You can participate in the class while it is broadcasting and ask questions in real time. The broadcast is at www.facebook.com/rabbielifeldman

Alternatively, you can watch the replay of this week’s class below:

Torah Studies Topic: Some more fascinating teachings of the The Baal Shem Tov.Feel free to ask questions in the comments section during the broadcast and I will endeavor to answer them during the class! 😊

Posted by Rabbi Eli Feldman on Thursday, 13 June 2019

Shabbat Schedule


Friday Night Candle Lighting Time 4:35 PM

Pre-service L’chaim in the Hall 5:30 PM

Kabbalat Shabbat Service  in the Synagogue 6:00 PM

Shabbat Dinner book online here 7:00 PM


Shabbat Morning Kabbalah Class in the Hall 9:00 AM

Shabbat morning service in the Synagogue 9:30 AM

Torah Reading 10:30 AM

Children’s Service in the Hall 11:00 AM

Rabbi’s Sermon and Choir 11:30 AM

Kiddush and Lunch in the Hall 12:30 PM

Shabbat Ends 5:34 PM

Thought for the Week

The Great Voice

By Shimon Posner (Courtesy of Chabad.org)

“And when Moses came to the Tent of Meeting to speak with Him (the Almighty), then he heard the voice speaking with him, from upon the golden lid (kaporet) which was on the ark of testimony, from between the two cherubim; and [G‑d] spoke to him” (Numbers 7:89).

When Moses heard G‑d’s voice in the Sanctuary, a miraculous phenomenon occurred. Although the divine voice was as loud as at Mount Sinai when all two million people heard it, so loud as to be audible far beyond the confines of the Sanctuary, the sound was miraculously cut off at the Sanctuary entrance and went no further. Moshe was compelled to enter the Sanctuary in order to hear it (Rashi).

In the works of Chassidism we find a significant explanation as to why it was necessary for the voice of G‑d to be cut off at the Sanctuary entrance and go no further: It is G‑d’s desire that Man serve Him out of free choice, and that “G‑d’s voice”—His call, message and teaching—be brought into the world by man’s service.

The “voice of G‑d” is a revelation of G‑d. A place which the Almighty sets aside as an established location for repeated revelations of G‑dliness, a place where His voice is heard again and again, is a place possessing a higher order of sanctity. Such a place was the Sanctuary, which was named the “Tent of Meeting” because G‑d’s Presence was regularly encountered there. G‑d’s voice, the same great voice that was heard at Sinai, regularly and repeatedly filled the Sanctuary.

If the voice and the speech of the Almighty had gone forth into the world, repeatedly and regularly, then the world would have become one great “Tent of Meeting,” a sanctuary in which Man could not choose to go contrary to G‑d’s wishes. Man’s service of G‑d, through free choice, would be impossible. It was G‑d’s desire that we transform, through our service—not through divine intervention—an environment in which His Voice is “not heard” into a fitting dwelling place for His presence.

Shabbos Chuckle

Dave Shiffman was playing basketball in his driveway with some of his friends after school when suddenly he lost his contact lens. After a fruitless search, he went inside and told his mother the lens was nowhere to be found.

Undaunted, she went outside, and in a few minutes, she returned with the lens in her hand.

“How did you manage to find it, Mom?” Dave asked.

“We weren’t looking for the same thing,” Mrs. Shiffman replied. “You were looking for a small piece of plastic. I was looking for $150.”

Issued June 13th, 2019

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