By the Grace of G-d
Newtown Shul is the only synagogue in Sydney’s Inner West.  Newtown Shul’s activities are possible because of your kind generosity and we thank you for it.

Please consider becoming a member.

Should you wish to donate to Newtown Shul, you can always do so using the bank account details below. Please make sure to send an email to newtown@shul.org.au with a copy of the transaction confirmation.

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Important Message from Rabbi Eli Feldman

Dear Friend,

As you may have seen, the front page of today’s Jewish News details a chilling plot to kill Jewish students at Sydney University.

The full article is here: https://www.jewishnews.net.au/sydney-universitys-show-of-solidarity/90423

Baruch HaShem that the plot was thwarted and the University has expressed its full support for Jewish students and staff. Details are here: http://www.jwire.com.au/university-of-sydney-supporting-jewish-students/#more-99197

No plots will get in the way of us spreading the good word and we were back in action today at Sydney University giving out cheesecake for Shavuot!

However, we need to be vigilant and to do our utmost to ensure the highest safety and security at every public place, including our Synagogues.

The recent tragic attacks at the Synagogues in Pittsburgh and California highlight how Synagogues are a target for terrorism.

We are fortunate here in Sydney to have CSG, the Jewish Communal Security Group, which helps to coordinate security for our Synagogues and communal institutions.

We have consulted with CSG and they have advised that we should recruit volunteers to form a special team to assist in securing Newtown Synagogue during Service times.

You do not need any prior experience in Security, all that is required is for you to be over 18 years of age and willing to help.

CSG will provide training on Sunday evenings starting this Sunday 2 June 7pm and continuing for 8 weeks. The training will be held at a secure venue in the Eastern Suburbs.

If you are able to join our volunteer team please let me know and CSG will contact you directly with more details about the training.

CSG have also advised that in addition to the volunteers we should hire an armed guard from a commercial Security company to protect our Synagogue.

We are seeking funds to help us pay for an armed guard and if you would like to donate towards that cost please let me know.

May we only share good news for now and forever!

With blessings,
Rabbi Eli Feldman

Parshah in a Nutshell

Parshat Bechukotai

Courtesy of Chabad.org

G‑d promises that if the people of Israel will keep His commandments, they will enjoy material prosperity and dwell secure in their homeland. But He also delivers a harsh “rebuke,” warning of the exile, persecution and other evils that will befall them if they abandon their covenant with Him.

Nevertheless, “Even when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not cast them away; nor will I ever abhor them, to destroy them and to break My covenant with them; for I am the L‑rd their G‑d.”

The Parshah concludes with the rules on how to calculate the values of different types of pledges made to G‑d, and the mitzvah of tithing produce and livestock.

Newtown Shul Weekly Friday Night Dinner

The Shabbat Dinner is the traditional focal point of every Jew’s week. We at Newtown Shul, extend a warm welcome to all people to join us for a traditional Friday Night Dinner.

The Shabbat Dinner is held in the hall beside the Synagogue immediately after the 6:30pm Shabbat service.

The Shabbat Dinner is a joint project of Newtown Synagogue and Young Adult Chabad and operates by virtue of the generosity of donors and volunteers.

All of the food served at the dinner is prepared ‘by the people for the people’ with love.

There is a suggested donation of $20 per person. To make a tax-deductible donation for the Shabbat dinners, please click here.

All of the food served at the dinner is prepared ‘by the people for the people’ with love. 

Cooking at Newtown Shul is fun, friendly and needs you! You don’t need to know how to cook and you don’t need to come every week! Just a willing pair of hands whenever you are available and a smile as great as the ones in this picture!

Lag B’omer Pics in the Australian Jewish News

Many thanks to Richard Weinstein for kindly offering his services to take pictures at our Lag B’omer event. To view more pictures of the event please click here:

Torah Studies

Rabbi Eli Feldman gives a weekly Torah Studies class Live on Facebook every Thursday night at 8:30pm.

You can participate in the class while it is broadcasting and ask questions in real time. The broadcast is at www.facebook.com/rabbielifeldman

Alternatively, you can watch the replay of this week’s class by clicking on the image below:

Special Shavuot Torah Studies Topic: The Baal Shem Tov (Founder of the Chassidic movement) passed away on Shavuot. Who was he and what were his unique teachings?Feel free to ask questions in the comments section during the broadcast and I will endeavor to answer them during the class! 😊

Posted by Rabbi Eli Feldman on Thursday, 30 May 2019

Shabbat Schedule


Friday Night Candle Lighting Time 4:37 PM

Pre-service L’chaim in the Hall 5:30 PM

Kabbalat Shabbat Service  in the Synagogue 6:00 PM

Shabbat Dinner book online here 7:00 PM


Shabbat Morning Kabbalah Class in the Hall 9:00 AM

Shabbat morning service in the Synagogue 9:30 AM

Torah Reading 10:30 AM

Children’s Service in the Hall 11:00 AM

Rabbi’s Sermon and Choir 11:30 AM

Kiddush and Lunch in the Hall 12:30 PM

Shabbat Ends 5:35 PM

Thought for the Week

The Power to Reveal

By Tali Loewenthal (Courtesy of Chabad.org)

This week’s Torah reading contains a beautiful image of wholesome life in which each individual and the Jewish people as a whole are dedicated to G‑d, to His Torah and its teachings. In response, G‑d supplies all their needs in abundance.

“If you walk in My statutes and guard My Commandments and keep them, I will give you rain at the right time. The earth will give its produce and the trees of the field will give their fruit… I will grant peace in the Land, and you will sleep without fear…”

The problem is that for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel this idyllic state did not last. The high point of Jewish history was the time of Solomon, three millennia ago, when there was peace in the Land, and the First Temple stood in Jerusalem. But after Solomon passed away, a period of terrible strife and widespread idolatry began, culminating in a long period of exile and suffering, also forecasted in this week’s reading in a section read in a low voice by the reader in the Synagogue. Yet the reading also carries the promise that eventually the harmony will be restored with the coming of the Redemption.

We are presented with an image of harmony and peace which is the inner reality and destiny of the Jewish peopleWe are presented with an image of harmony and peace which is the inner reality and destiny of the Jewish people. Yet that beautiful inner reality is often hidden by horrific events and dark periods of history.

The effect of Jewish teaching in the life of each person is the power to reveal to him or her the inner, beautiful reality, and to bring this hidden reality into the here and now. By observing Shabbat and other aspects of Jewish law, through prayer and Torah study, we access that inner vision and make it visible in the daily world.

This power to reveal the inner vision of Jewish teaching is also expressed by the great sage, author of the Zohar, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (2nd century CE). The anniversary of his passing, the 33rd day of the Omer – which always falls in proximity to this week’s Torah reading, is celebrated by children and youth round the world with parades, bonfires and outings.

The word Zohar means “radiance,” and the sacred teachings of the Zohar indeed reveal the radiance in the Torah. The Zohar, arranged according to the weekly Torah readings, teaches the central concepts of kabbalahwhich are later transmitted in more directly accessible form by books such as the Tanya by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi.

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was distinguished for his power to reveal. Chassidic teachings tell us that for him personally, exile and destruction had no reality: he could clearly see the visionary truth within. Yet he also had the power to reveal this to others. The Midrash describes an incident in which he revealed to his students the reward they would have in the World to Come. For us too, the legacy of his teachings reveals the radiant vision at the heart of Judaism and the heart of life.

Shabbos Chuckle

Mrs. Sandelson was teaching her first grade class about saying berachot (blessings) and davening (praying).

“For example children,” said Mrs. Sandelson “Before we go to sleep we should sing shema. Who here says their prayers at night?”

Little Moishie Brown answered, “My mommy says my prayers.”

“I see,” said Mrs. Sandelson. “And what does your mother say?”

Moishie replied, “THANK GOD HE’S IN BED!”

Issued May 31st, 2019

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