21/02/2019 Issue

Parshas Ki Tisa

The people of Israel are told to each contribute exactly half a shekel of silver to the Sanctuary. Instructions are also given regarding the making of the Sanctuary’s water basinanointing oil and incense. “Wise-hearted” artisans Betzalel and Aholiav are …

In this issue of the newsletter, learn about Parshas Ki Tisa and the golden calf. Also, a mention of Rabbi Eli Feldman’s weekly torah studies videos.

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14/02/2019 Issue

Parshas Tetzaveh

G‑d tells Moses to receive from the children of Israel pure olive oil to feed the “everlasting flame” of the menorah, which Aaron is to kindle each day, “from evening till morning.” The priestly garments, to be worn …

In this issue of the newsletter, read about this week’s Parshah “Tetzaveh” and learn about the priests and  their garments.

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07/02/2019 Issue

Parshas Terumah

The people of Israel are called upon to contribute thirteen materials—gold, silver and copper; blue-, purple– and red-dyed wool; flax, goat hair, animal skins, wood, olive oil, spices and gems—out of which, G‑d says to Moses …

In this issue of the newsletter, enlighten yourself on this week’s Parshah “Terumah” and the creation of the Sanctuary. Also featured in this issue is a D’var Torah by Eli Pink called ‘The Gold Standard’ as well as some other messages from  Jewish Care and the JCA.

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31/01/2019 Issue

Parshas Mishpatim

Following the revelation at Sinai, G‑d legislates a series of laws for the people of Israel. These include the laws of the indentured servant; the penalties for murder, kidnapping, assault and theft; civil laws pertaining to …

In this issue of the newsletter, insight on this week’s parshah and the introduction of the Jewish laws granted by G-d as a gift to the people of Israel. Also, some exciting news – Rabbi and Rebbetzin Feldman, as well as all their children, ahve happily returned.

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13/12/2018 Issue

Parshas Vayigash

Joseph’s imprisonment finally ends when Pharaoh dreams of sevenfatcows that are swallowed up by seven leancows, and of seven fat ears of grain swallowed by seven lean ears. Joseph interprets the dreams to mean that …

Learn in this issue about Parshas Mikeitz and Joseph’s dreamy abilities. Of course, there is a dedicated section of this newsletter to the ‘Lights for Elisha’ campaign to show our support. Also, discover more  about Joseph’s story and read an interesting rant on children.

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06/12/2018 Issue

Parshas Mikeitz

Joseph’s imprisonment finally ends when Pharaoh dreams of sevenfatcows that are swallowed up by seven leancows, and of seven fat ears of grain swallowed by seven lean ears. Joseph interprets the dreams to mean that …

Learn in this issue about Parshas Mikeitz and Joseph’s dreamy abilities. Other than Chanukah’s speedy  approach, some delightful surprises amongst our community as well as a few dismal messages.

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29/11/2018 Issue

Parshas Vayeishev

Jacob settles in Hebron with his twelve sons. His favourite is seventeen-year-old Joseph, whose brothers are jealous of the preferential treatment he receives from his father, such as a precious many-coloured coat

Learn in this issue about Parshas Vayeishev and Jacob’s story. Also, featured in this issue is Rabbi Eli Feldman’s interview at the Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen as well as a short story by Yossi Ives.

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23/11/2018 Issue

Parshas Vayishlach

Jacob returns to the Holy Land after a 20-year stay in Charan, and sends angel-emissaries to Esau in hope of a reconciliation, but his messengers …

Learn in this issue about Parshas Vayishlach and Jacob’s story. Also, discover the special events of Chanukah 2018.

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15/11/2018 Issue

Parshas Vayeitzei

Jacob leaves his hometown of Beersheba and journeys to Charan. On the way, he encounters “the place” and sleeps there, dreaming of …

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08/11/2018 Issue

Parshas Toldot

Isaac and Rebecca endure twenty childless years until their prayers are answered and Rebecca conceives. She experiences a difficult pregnancy as …

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 01/11/2018 Issue

Parshas Chayei Sarah

Sarah dies at age 127 and is buried in the Machpelah Cavein Hebron, which Abraham purchased from Ephron the Hittite for four hundred shekels of silver.

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25/10/2018 Issue

Parshas Vayeira

G‑d reveals Himself to Abraham three days after the first Jew’s circumcision at age ninety-nine; but Abraham rushes off to prepare a meal for three guests who appear …

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18/10/2018 Issue

Parshas Lech-Lecha

G‑d speaks to Abram, commanding him, “Go from your land, from your birthplace and from your father’s house, to the land which I will show you.” There, G‑d says, he will be made into …

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11/10/2018 Issue

Parshas Noach

G‑d instructs Noah—the only righteous man in a world consumed by violence and corruption—to build a large wooden teivah (“ark”), coated within and without with pitch.

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04/10/2018 Issue

Parshas Bereishit

G‑d creates the world in six days. On the first day He makes darkness and light. On the second day He forms the heavens, dividing the “upper waters” …

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27/09/2018 Issue

Shabbat Chol Hamoed Shabbat

G‑d agrees to Moses’ request that His presence only dwell amongst the Jews. Moses requests to be shown G‑d’s glory. G‑d agrees, but informs Moses that he will only be …

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